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This Sustainable silk dress is a versatile, comfortable, stylish cut.


Matka Silk - also referred to as raw silk and silk linen - is a 100% silk handloom fabric made from thick yarns hand spun by women in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The slubs and irregularities from the varying thickness of the yarn gives the cloth a distinctive character. It is made from waste Mulberry Silk without removing its gum part called Sericin. Sericin is a natural macromolecular protein. It is a biomolecule of great value as it has antibacterial, UV resistant, oxidative resistant and moisturising properties. Leaving the Sericin in the fabric not only gives the fabric its lustrous finish it also reduces the environmental impact of the silk scouring process.

Matka Silk Maxi Smock

  • The cut of the dress is wide and loose and long in the traditional artist smock style.

    As such there is one free size option available One Free Size fits UK 6 - 26.

    There are fine gathered pleats at the neck and wrists and it can be worn belted with the fabric tie or worn loose. It is lovely worn on its own, layered or with trousers.

    This style also features one pocket.


    The flat measurements of the garment are approximately:                   

    Chest 75 cm 

    Cuff width 14cm

    V neck 22cm

    Length 130 cm

    Hem width 95cm

    Fabric tie 200cm x 5cm 


    Indian hand-woven natural Matka silk:

    • Hand wash or Dry Clean
    • 100% Silk
    • Made in Kolkata India
    • Variations/unevenness of colour.  These should not be considered a defect. Imperfections in the cloth may be viewed as the beautiful traces of the craftsperson's hand and are welcomed by Poetwear as the individual character of each piece.
    • The Poetwear label is hand stiched. The workshop asked for this detail as the embroidery is traditionally womans work whereas screenprinting work would go to the men.
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