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Poetwear exists to support independence through traditional craft making skills.


This is not solely for the women's education and income generation Development Society I work with in West Bengal to produce this collection, but also for myself.

I had completed a degree in ceramics before embarking on a 20 year career in the fashion industry and I wanted to return to hands on making and being as close as possible to any products I design.

Now, luxury is being able to work independently and slowly with time to think, feel and experiment.

Poetwear has been conceived with simplicity and ease at it's core.

The smocks are practical and comfortable to wear and feel soft and light on the body.

They encourage freedom of movement. Not just physically, but also between different environments and situations.

Each smock is packaged in a cloth bag which encourages further uses for books, travel, and tools.

The fabrics have been carefully selected on their merits of weight and functionality.

Traditional Indian Khadi fabric is spun by hand into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha.

It is a versatile fabric, designed to be cool in summer and warm in winter. 

These are smocks for all seasons.

Poetwear is for doers and thinkers, for comfort and purpose.

For being easy on yourself, and easy on the eye, and for having fun. Lots of it.

I hope that like me, you will wear until threadbare, then patch, customise and wear some more.

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